About Us

We produce software development, industrial automation systems, renewable intelligent energy technologies and many more R & D projects.

Our Mission

To develop advanced technologies using the power of computer science and make the world a more livable place by putting forth our innovative soul and working with passion

Our Plan

To work efficiently by following international standards, without compromising professionalism with expert and virtuous teammates.

Our Vision

To be an organization that makes life easier for all people, making innovations that provide them a better standard of living without harming the nature and the life.


We provide custom software development, industrial systems generation, intelligent energy solutions development services with customer-focused analysis.

Software Development

We develop custom web applications in many areas such as production processes, energy management systems, law, e-commerce, training and many others.


We develop R & D projects on multipurpose, reprogrammable production robots. We we work with partners from european member countries in our robotics project.

Sun Tracking Systems

We produce sun tracking system solutions for solar energy fields and roof solar systems to increase production productivity up to %64

Wireless 3D Printers

We produce large scale and Raspberry-PI controlled wireless 3D printers for all kind of production.

e-Trading Systems

We develop e-trading system with full functionality such as payment system integration , shipping tracking , order managament, SEO ,invoice and accounting , advanced filtering ,

R & D Projects

In addition to becoming a company, we are also an institute, so our primary goal is to develop innovative products by carrying out continuous research and development projects.


Here are a few statistics about us and our projects , the numbers and our scale are growing up every month !






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